Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wreath Deal

Weekend, so a savings post.

On the savings front, we were able to keep our regular grocery bill to under $100 today by buying mostly sale items and using a few coupons.  But then we went to Costco ... BIG. Mistake. Why is it that you can never go to Costco without spending tons of money?  Perhaps because everything is so cheap, and usually of good quality it encourages you to spend?

Anyway, at the supermarket, I was on the lookout for another wreath, and got a twiggy one for 84 cents, marked down from $9.  I have this idea to make a Chinese New Year wreath out of it for January 23rd.  It has a cute penquin on it though which is about as un-Chinese New Year as you can get.
Penquin Wreath
Cute Lil Penguin, you've gotta go!

Big J thinks it will look weird because no-one puts up wreaths for Chinese New Year.  It's true, we've always had a traditional scroll-poster thing in previous years, but change is good.

It'll be quite the challenge looking for suitable adornments in red and gold colours.  Might have to make 'em!

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