Monday, 23 January 2012

What ? New Year Again?

Well its Chinese New Year today, the year is 4710, year of the Dragon.  I wanted to wear something red.  Red is supposed to ward off evil spirits.  I don't believe that myself, but do like to follow tradition, and it is Visible Monday, and I like red.
what i wore
You can't really tell in the picture, but everything else is brown, not black. I actually had a sweater on most of the day (it's a refashion fail, more on that later), so I looked a lot darker but I did have the big scarf floating around the front so it was still bright.

It's hard to tell in the pic, but the shirt is made up of a basket-weavey bunch of squares. 

Every other square has a hole in the middle.  Its a French label "Montagut" and was actually made in France.  I am quite happy that it fit because I remember it being a bit tight when I last wore it several years ago.

I also changed up my hair: I'm experimenting with ways to put up my hair and am using one of those Butterfly style hair clips.
butterfly hair clip

Don't quite have the hang of it yet, but it gets better each time.

Also wore my leopard coat again.
leopard coat
Didn't wear double tights, so my legs/feet were quite cold - those floor to ceiling windows are great for views, but not so good for keeping the heat in.

So, here is the refashion fail: 
My sweater has overly long sleeves and I had this idea to chop off some of the length and make some of those cute sweater cuffs.  I just measured for the cuff and chopped off the sleeves at that point, and stitched it up.  Big. Mistake.

Not sure what I did, but the sleeves ended up being about 1/2 an inch too short.  I tried wearing it like that but was constantly tugging at it.  So finally I sewed the sleeves back on.

I shortened it a bit by overlapping where it's sewn and then folded it back up.

It's shorter now, but a tad bulky, and you can sort of see a line where it is sewn together.  But I prefer that to the sleeves-too-short feeling.

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  1. Hi Narda, and thanks for linking up to Visible Monday! I like your bright red pieces, for the Year of the Dragon, and your leopard coat as well. Good thing you are so talented with a needle and thread : >

    1. Hi Patti, Thanks for always dropping by my blog. It's so hard to get readers. As for the sewing, I'm just learning still and quite often have to redo things!