Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wii ! Weekend

I've been doing the elliptical trainer for a bit now, but the other part of my exercise regime is meant to be Wii.

It's actually quite fun, you make yourself an avatar, and it keeps track of your exercise on a daily basis.

Like this:
wii fit

Then, when you do the exercises, it shows you (via the avatar) doing the exercises.  My favourite is the running.  It takes no skill and you can do it without the wii board.

wii fit

You might think that the running is similar to the elliptical trainer, but it isn't.  It is actually more of a workout.  The trainer is very smooth and doesn't feel like you are really working out whereas with the running (You run on the spot) you do feel a little out of breath.

You can choose to watch TV while running, but I like to watch the avatar.  I know real runners will laugh, but it's almost like you are running outside because the scenery changes and you see other avatars running too.  You just don't get cold or wet and there are no vicious dogs.

wii fit
Huff Puff !

It actually tells you if you are going too fast, and if you go super-fast, the avatar falls down!  It's also supposed to be more of a calorie burner if you run at a steady pace.
wii fit

The step class is also fun, but I'm stuck at the beginner stage.  The more advanced stages have too many complicated twists and turns and hinder the workout.

There are other workouts too for yoga, strength and balance.

My resolution for this year is to use the wii exercise programs more.  Okay: no it's not: I'm going to try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

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