Thursday, 12 January 2012

Make Your Own Fire Log

It's been freezing out these past few days and we've been using the wood stove. Today's Thrifty Thursday post is about making a faux fire log when you are low on wood.
Wood Stove

When you run out of wood you can roll up some newspapers instead, but unless the paper is rolled up tightly, and stays rolled up, the fire won't be very good.

Last year I read about making your own fire logs by rolling up wet newspapers and then laying out the newspaper logs to dry in the sun. Problem was it was work intensive, overly messy and since it rains here a lot, you can't count on the sun.

Then one day, Big J got this:
Toilet Paper Core
 and rolled up the newspaper inside it like this:
Faux Fire Log
Et Voila! Instant Faux Fire Log!

The only thing is it is very messy and you have to wear gloves:

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  1. Such a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my website and commenting. It's always fun to hear back from readers. Stop by again and start following. I am your newest follower, enjoy your adventure in blogging!

    1. Hi Mari, I tried grabbing a button, but it didn't show? Love your site, it has a little bit of everything.