Monday, 9 January 2012

Monochrome Monday

I'm doing a separate "what i wore" type of post today so that I can be part of Patti from Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday Link Party.

I thought it would be a cold wet day so wore layers, tights and a midi skirt.  It was freezing in the office because after a weekend it takes almost the whole day to get back to a normal temperature.

Here's what I wore today, not really visible at all:
what i wore

The short sweater had floppy sleeves which kept getting caught on the arm of my chair. 

The booties are the short version of the ones from the Booting Up post and have the same side zipper and tassel detail, but were only my commuting shoes.  I changed to Bata Oxford pumps when I got to work.  Unfortunately, no pic since they are at work.  I checked online but the closest I could find is this:
Oxford Pump

So what's so visible about this outfit? Nothing really.

But, I did wear this fab leopard coat with it which made it way more visible at least during the commute and at lunchtime.
Leopard Coat

Just from the few wardrobe posts I've done, I realize that I tend to dress very monochromatically and my challenge to myself will be to mix more colours into my look.

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  1. I like your layered outfit, Narda - and I don't think we have to be "splashy" to be Visible. You look confident and very pulled-together, and your scarf and coat make a nice statement. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, you look great!

  2. @Patti @ NotDeadYet Style
    Hi Patti, Thank you so much for your kind words. I so often just wear jeans or cords and am trying to dress up a little. And thank you for hosting Visible Monday - it really helps new bloggers like me.