Sunday, 22 January 2012

Super Savings

Today was a very successful savings day.  The store had huge sales for some reason, so we saved $33.  We also had quite a few coupons for things we actually buy and ended up saving another $19.  So a total savings of $52Plus we got a free $16 box of chicken!

This might not sound like much compared to the savings you see on the Extreme Coupon show, but for up here in Lotusland, it's huge.  They actually had to call the supervisor because .... wait for it .... we had too many coupons!  Hardly anyone uses coupons here, maybe that's the reason they don't have 2 for 1s or double the face value like they do elsewhere.

No picture for this post, but I should try to learn to carry my camera.  Big J said everyone was looking at our buggy because it was so full.  Our cupboards are stuffed now, but it's just as well because this week is Exam week and one kid is off, so everything will probably be eaten by next weekend.

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