Monday, 16 January 2012

Nepali Sweater

For today's Visible Monday, I wore a pink patched together sweater which always gets a lot of compliments.
what i wore

It looks almost tie-dyed and has funny writing on it.  It's from Nepal, so I think it's something like Sanskrit and I hope it doesn't say anything bad!

Nepali sweater

Now the visible part is not really the sweater.  For me, what makes it much more visible is that I normally wear my hair up and in a bun and haven't worn it down at work for at least 2 years.

It was very cold today, about -6 C (or 21 F), so lots of layers including 2 pairs of tights!  We had a big snowfall yesterday so everything looks like a Winter Wonderland.
snow-covered tree
Our curly hazelnut tree looks quite artsy

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  1. That is a gorgeous picture of your snowfall, Narda. And I really like your patchwork sweater, looks like one of a kind! Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks Patti! It's still really cold here and it keeps snowing, we actually bought some firewood at Home Depot.

  2. That cloth is so cool. Do u know place online when ine can buy that from??