Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lace Faux Cami

Today's is a Thrifty Thursday / mini-refashion post all in one.

I have a long maxi dress which is a staple on warm summer days. Unfortunately, the neckline is a touch low for me. It also buttons up the front and the buttons are just a tiny bit too far apart causing it to gape in front when sitting down.

Usually I safety pin the neck and also wear a turquoise tank under it, but that's not ideal because you get an extra layer - not so good for those super hot days. And turquoise doesn't really match the print on the dress.

Then one day my favourite notions store had small pieces of fancy lace on sale so I got one.  It was just a small piece so I cut it in two and used the scalloped edge for the neckline.  The remaining piece I turned on it's side and stitched it along both sides of the front et voila!

lace refashion

Now when I sit down, even if it gapes, you don't get that unsightly flash of flesh.  Sorry about the quality of this pic, try as I might, I could not get an unfuzzy shot. 
lace refashion
Tired Hands make for Fuzzy Fotos
The thrifty part is that you get the look of a luxe camisole for a couple of dollars.

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