Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Scarf Fever

Since yesterday was actually Tutorial-To-Try day, I'll do it today instead. I am a confirmed scarf person and will usually wear a scarf as part of my outfit. I've found some tutorials which I'd like to try one day when I have some time.

The first one is by Put Up Your Dukes.
Two-tone Braided Scarf

She also has an interesting-funny side story which goes with her Braided Scarf Tutorial. This one looks hard-ish for those who don't do a lot of sewing, although she says it is not.

The other one I want to try is this one by Watch Me Daddy:
Felted Flower Scarf
Her Felted Flower Scarf tutorial looks really easy.  It's a hand-sew project which I love and looks fabulous.  I wonder if the scarf is itchy?

I'm on the hunt now for supplies as I am still a bit squeamish about cutting up my own t-shirts.  Newbie Refashionista.

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