Monday, 9 January 2012

Two For One

It's Monday, so Made by Me day.

IKEA had these laptop bags on sale for $5:
IKEA Laptop Bag
I quite liked them and ended up buying 2 of the same colour to use as a purse most days and a laptop bag on occasion.  Since they were the same, it looked like I only had one bag so to make them look a little different I just did a quick refashion and put a back pocket on one of them:
Refashioned IKEA Laptop Bag

Refashioned IKEA Laptop Bag
I also did the strip down the front - you can sort of see it in the first photo.  I must have shakey hands because the front photos turned out fuzzy. 

The pocket is great for easy access to loose papers and gum, and I'm even thinking of doing the side strips - it would be great for an umbrella pocket - but not sure if I have enough material.

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