Friday, 6 January 2012

Booting Up

Well, it's Fashion Friday again and since it is still cold and wet out, I thought a post about boots would be in order.

For me, boots are the almost ideal footwear.  Boots can be dressed up or down and you can wear them with pants, skirts or dresses.  They come in different styles and shaft heights.  They protect you from water on rainy days and the cold on freezy or breezy days.

Here are some coveted ones on my wish list:

This one is from the Valverde Boot company in Spain.

Spanish Riding Boot
Spanish boots are extremely well made, usually by hand and the leather wears very well.  The riding and walking boots are super comfortable, and they look great with longer skirts. I've always had compliments on mine, and now that Kate Middleton has made them in vogue, I am definitely considering getting more.

The only problem with Spanish boots is that they are made for Spanish women who have no calf to speak of.  So quite often, the tall boots are not wide enough in the calf.

I'm also a Dr Martens fan and have several pairs of shoes and boots.  This one is the Sanrio boot, it's super-cute. 
Dr Martens Sanrio Boot
Like many asian women, I'm a big Hello Kitty fan.  These are probably not that useful wardrobe wise though, so this might just be an admire-from-afar item.

The last pair which is my favourite are by Chie Mihara:

Chie Mihara Cassandra Boot

They look sort of Victorian, but modern.  I envision wearing them with a longish flippy-hemmed skirt and fitted jacket.

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