Saturday, 7 January 2012

Losing It

Well it's weekend again, so a post about weight loss.  I just signed up for an on-line calorie tracking site.  You enter how much weight you want to lose and then track your daily calorie consumption.

It was a choice between 1 or 1/2 lb per week.  The others 2, 3 pounds per week were out of the question - too dangerous plus I like food too much.  I chose the 1 lb because the 1/2 pound took me past my end date of March 31, 2013 (see the Layoff Counter on the right side bar).
Lose It Weight Loss

Then, every day you just enter what you eat and it tracks it for you and tells you how many calories you have left to eat.
Lose It Weight Loss
Who used up all my calories?
As long as you stay under your calorie budget, you can lose weight.  It also lets you enter your exercise activities, and you can track your weight loss on a chart.
Lose It Weight Loss
Going nowhere fast!

The only thing is that not all types of foods are in the system, so you might have to guestimate the sizes.  It really makes you think about what you are eating.

You can go back to previous days and see how your eating habits have changed over the months.

They say that logging food intake into these on-line counters is a great addition to the weight loss arsenal so I'm hoping that this will keep me on track.

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  1. Very good idea!!! Hope you reach your goal by then!!!

    Love Mom xoxoxox