Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tell Everyone

Yep, wore this today

It's Weight-loss Wednesday again, but I also included an outfit pic.  You can't really tell, but it was so cold, I wore 2 pairs of tights - a greenish one under the brown.  I thought it would be more visible but the pattern on the brown tights must've been too close.

This morning they had a short program about quitting smoking on the morning radio show.  The doctor said when you quit smoking, you have to tell everyone so that you can build up a support network.

Now I don't smoke, but I thought the same could apply to losing weight.  If you tell everyone your goals, you'll automatically have a lot more people helping you.  A guy at work has been trying to lose weight and to eat healthier foods.  And since he's told everyone, we don't pressure him to eat dessert etc at company lunches.

I've been using the Lose It online calorie tracking tool for about a week now and can see right away that I am eating a little too much for weight loss.  The culprit is all the leftover cake and chocolates from Christmas.

So today, I am making a conscious effort to keep my intake below the allowance.

Lose It screen
I still few a bit hungry, but am going to ignore it.  I probably could've eaten more except for the high-calorie microwaveable lunch I had which has gone onto my don't buy again list.

It was tasty and convenient but expensive ($4.99 regular price). It was also over-packaged: a plastic basket inside a plastic bowl wrapped in plastic and cardboard.  Never again.  Not very environmentally friendly. 

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