Thursday, 10 May 2012

What's In a Name?

Have you ever thought about how (or if) your name affects your personality, your character or your outlook on life? 
I was observing today that a majority of the women in positions of authority in my department have names which start with a K sound!  Whether the name starts with a C or a K, the sound is the hard explosive K.  (Caitlin vs Cynthia) Very strange.  

So I started thinking,  do our names affect how we interact with others?  Are Barbies, Suzies and Vickys friendlier or more fun than Barbaras, Susans and Victorias?  Are the Decimas and Perseidas of the world destined to be statisticians or research scientists?  

What do you think?  Do you think your name has made you what you are?

Big J thinks I usually dress conservatively and sometimes a little weirdly, and I wonder if it's because my name is more serious and not as common?   I hope today's outfit is just conservative and not weird.

After yesterday's fiasco, even though it was a sunshiney day, I wore long-sleeves and a good thing too - it was still quite cold.  This is the altered skirt again. The shirt is a bit big on me, but it was a gift and it has some nice lol-embroidery around the neck.


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  1. ...the outfit looks good on you!!!

    I sometimes think that unusual or less common names may be linked with success in life. One example might be Oprah...

    :) love Mom

    1. Thanks! The t-shirt was only $3, should've bought more - it came in all sorts of colours too.

  2. you look classy in this outfit, I like the accessories and how you layered them. I think you have a unique name, my name is unusual too, there is a chinese character in my chinese name that means dream. And I think I am a pretty dreamy person. I am always in a world of my own...haha


    1. You do have a unique name, and I think dream fits you. You always manage to dream up creative ways to style your outfits.