Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rainy Blue Tuesday

So much for our sunshine, it's back to rain and grey skies.  Also back to warmer clothing again.

Pink Calico: Blue Outfit

I wore my standby tube-waist skirt, this time in black, with my scratchy turtleneck and a blue cardigan.  The last time I wore this turtleneck with a tube-waist skirt, I looked horribly boxy and thick.  This time, I'm hoping the cardigan softens the lines a bit.

Also wore a necklace by a local designer.  It's a triple-strander:
Pink Calico: Necklace
I'm hoping to be able to wear it with a nice summery dress one day.

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  1. Narda--Its a beautiful necklace. Why is the turtleneck scratchy?

  2. Hey Terri! It's scratchy, but on the outside, not the inside. I think it's because of the bumpy texture and it is quite rough.