Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Big Shoes and a Neck-Scarf Belt

A slight error in judgement in choosing today's outfit:  I based it on the sunlight streaming in through the window.  It was super sunny this morning so I hauled out something with short sleeves. Big. Mistake.

Pink Calico: Red Obi Outfit

With 46 kmh winds, it was cold out.  Goosebumps galore. Luckily I went with thicker tights due to still having big (and lumpy) scabs on my knees. 

I don't usually like to have such a contrast with tights and shoes, but had a notion that the oval space made by the straps on the shoes would sort of match the oval pattern on the skirt.  You be the judge.

Pink Calico: Skirt Print

Pink Calico: Flats

I've been looking for heel grips for these shoes because they are a touch big but $6.99 seems a bit pricey for two little pieces of gummy stick-ons.  And who knows when they will go on sale?

So today, I got some leather insoles from Dollarama - I bought men's size 11 (bigger insoles = more material) and my plan is to cut out some heel grips and stick them on using Big J's construction glue.  I thought of using leather pieces, but don't think it would be thick enough - the insoles have a bit of padding which should just work fine. 

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  1. Oh I see what you were thinking with the tights and the shoes...and it does work. I think your plan for the insoles in ingenious.