Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thick Woolly Tights

Today's outfit is a rag-tag assortment of miscellaneous pieces and I'm not very happy with it. I love the neutral colours, but don't think they look very good on me.

This was not my first choice this morning, but at the last second I changed my mind and put this on, so perhaps a bit of a mistake.

The pose reminds me of the scene in the Sound of Music, where the Von Trapp family is at the Salzburg Music Festival, though I look more like Fraulein Schweiger who took 3rd place. 

Pink Calico - Neutrals

And to top it off, I only had 1 pair of those Euro tights in a beigey colour which as you know got damaged in the fall.  I knew I should've bought more than one pair in that colour!  Thus, the medieval thick woollen stockings look. 

The skirt is my usual tube-waist skirt, which from the photo, I think would look better with a shorter, more fitted top. The mock-turtle is an ancient hand-me-down - it's that weird material that is both stretchy and scratchy.  Excluding the shoes - which themselves were already on sale for boxing day and bogos to boot, the jacket was the most expensive clothing item but only $6 from a liquidator's. 

I tried it with this neckace which is from a local designer.  It came with earrings but I didn't wear them.

Pink Calico - Necklace

I'm trying a larger size of photo, so hopefully it will show more details.

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  1. The larger photos are great! I like the tone on tone with the shoes and the tights. Sometimes I mix and match suits as I find them too much together - I have this TeenFlo suit that I never wear as a unit as the pattern is a bit crazy, lol.

  2. I do that too with the suits! - you get a more casual look. Glad you like the bigger photos - gonna try to remember to make them big.

  3. I also like the matching tights and shoes, and the blue of the sweater is one of my favorite colors. But really, the necklace is so fabulous that it completely makes the outfit. The neutrals just make a nice backdrop to highlight the jewelry!

    1. Thanks Louise! As the days get warmer, I'm slowly switching out the scarves for necklaces.