Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Two Healthy, One Notso

It's Wednesday! and we are long overdue for a weight loss post, I haven't been actively trying to lose - just trying to eat fewer potato chips and more fruit and veggies.

But today, I had two healthy meals (methinks) and one not so healthy.  The day started with a cup of tea - Earl Grey, black and some cereal.  It doesn't look very good in the photo since I mixed it a bit before taking the picture - but it was yummy.

The strawberry-kiwi idea I stole from my Mom - we had that with our cereal in Spain.

Unfortunately lunch was a satisfying but not so healthy mortadella and pickle on sourdough sandwich and 4 leftover gyozas.  I had a strange dream last night of tons of oversized people slathering butter on their bread, so made sure to use very little.

Then for dinner, a high protein meal of chicken breast, chickpeas, shrimp, tomatoes and a few olives.  No dressing or sauce, but yummy.

Pink Calico - High Protein

Yes, it's the same bowl - I did wash it though.

Today's healthy snacks: 2 yogurts and 2 bananas (for my potassium levels)
Beverages today were: Earl Grey tea, green tea, water with lemon

So to end the day, I did a weigh-in and was pleasantly surprised to see that I am down 5 pounds from my initial weight! Now at 158, so another 28 pounds to go to reach 130 which is my doctor's recommendation.

I am hoping to lose a bit faster over the summer months:
  • more heat = less eating
  • more body conscious clothing = less likely to want to eat
  • better weather = urge to go for walks

Today, I'm linking to Wednesday Whites and Welcome Wednesday.

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  1. Wow, that is great, Mun!!! Keep on slimming!!!
    I also put a yogurt on top of the cereal which makes it super-yummy. I had cereal today with sliced pears, kiwi, platano, and strawberries topped with strawberry yogurt and milk. The cereal was some All-Bran plus as well as some All-Bran fruit and fibre (little cushions!). It was very filling and will last me until later on in the day.

    I also had a lemon-flavoured yogurt which is made in our town (La Pobla...).


    1. I still have those "souvenir" yogurt containers. Considering using one for rice ...

    2. ...the shop is only open on Saturdays, so I found out... :(

    3. Yeah, they said that when we were there - they must have regular jobs too.

  2. delish and healthy choice too :-) makes me drool :-) Dropping by from Wednesday Whites

    1. Hey Jessica: Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. wow!! so yummy-looking and healthy, too!
    thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!

    1. Hi Raya! and so easy to make. Thanks for hosting the linky party and dropping by to comment.

  4. the second dish looks delicious and so healthy! Congratulations on loosing those 5 lbs!