Saturday, 26 May 2012

Floaty Tunic

Today we are thinking of going down to the states to do some shopping.  Our younger son needs new shoes - his feet are bigger than mine now!  So we thought we would grab some lunch at the buffet (great for the diet) and stop at the mall.
It is a hot day, so I have on a loose sleeveless tunic top over a tank:

I'm not sure where I got it, it was $6 and about 10 years ago, and at first I was hesitant to wear it because it felt a little bit maternity-like.  But now that everyone is wearing tunics and smocks, I've hauled it out from the back of the closet.  I quite like the flowy-ness of the top - it has two layers front and back:

But again, felt a bit bare so I put a scarf over it lol-style.  The scarf is from a Danish furniture store JYSK which is similar to IKEA. They quite often get in items which I think have been liquidated from another store.

The shoes are also quite old.  I got them for 900 pesetas in the old Continente supermarket (yes supermarket) in Spain which has since been bought out by the giant French Carrefour chain.

They are super-comfy and I always regret not buying the tan colour too.

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  1. I love the floaty tunic! :)

    1. Thanks Far! It's great for those days when you want to eat ...

  2. I like the tunic and scarf combo and I don't think it looks like a maternity top at all! Hope you find what you are shopping for.

    1. Hi Terri, Thanks! You know, I don't think it looks maternity like any more - it must've been my frame of mind when I first got it - the kids still being small. and yes - we did find lots of stuff.