Saturday, 10 December 2011

Weighty Saturday

It has not been a good week on the weight loss front.  We had a wonderful Christmas lunch on Wednesday and also an all-hands meeting complete with tarts, cookies, pastries, squares and other diificult-to-resist desserts.

So, rather than focussing on what is sure to be a disappointing weigh-in I thought I would base today's post on some of my favourite blogs.  Some  are the inspirational blogs of refashionistas who could (and some do) sell their wares, and others are the what-i-wore blogs of clothes hounds who never ever seem to wear exactly the same thing twice. 

My current favourite blog read is Refashionista.  I discovered it quite by accident when searching for a project and have been a daily reader ever since - even going back to read all the back posts.  I love the easy-peasy refashions and hope to tackle a giant dress project myself one day.  Jillian's blog gives off a great wacky-funny-energy vibe.

Other refashion blogs I check on a regular basis are:
  • Grosgain - Crafts, refashions, photography, you name it and everything looks professional.  I am contemplating some of the easier projects here.
  • Tea Rose Home - Another blog where everything looks professional.  Lots of little-girl dress refashions (too bad I've got giant boys!) which I'm hoping to convert into big-people refashion projects. I also like the more personal style which gives everything a human touch.
  • Threadbanger - I can't believe it took me years to find this. It has tutorials for everything!
There are way more, but these are my current favourites.

As for the fashion blogs, I have three regular reads.  To me, they have vastly different looks but are all very inspiring:
  • Sheila Ephemera - I started reading this blog before it became a regular fashion blog and was initially attracted by the pics of the sci-fi-ish fantasy-themed miniature models.  I love Sheila's conversational tone, the beautifully accessorized outfits and the aha! I could wear that moments. I think we're in roughly the same age bracket and work in similar office-attire environments.
  • whatiwore2day - There are a few blogs by this name, but Kasmira's is my favourite.  Her outfits are colouful, innovative and fun.  I love the way the same item appears again and again but with the use of creative layouring, looks completely different.
  • Fashion for Nerds - Being somewhat of a nerd myself, the blog name was what got my attention.  I stayed for the wildly layoured avant-garde outfits.  I think everything has toned down in recent years, but Audi also intersperses her posts with writings on travel and once-in-a-while decor so it keeps me interested. 
Once you start to read these blogs on a regular basis, it's almost like a letter or postcard from a friend.

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