Thursday, 1 December 2011


I love to read and my favourite genre(s) are epic fantasy and historical fiction.  In this type of book, the heroine will often wear a cape.  I have quite a few shawls already, but wanted to try making a capelet.  I didn't really know how it would turn out, so used a baggy sweatshirt to practice.

It's quite easy and you only have to sew one long seam. I didn't actually sew the hem because the sweatshirt was non-fray.  I cut it up the front and then cut a semi-circle with the radius ending at the armpit.  This is quite hard to explain so here is a diagram:

Capelet Refashion

The red line is where you cut.  The centre cut is in the front only.  When it's done, you should be able to lay it flat in a circle shape.

Then you just add some embellishment et voila!  This is quite a nice length, it's a good coverup for summer tanks and sleeveless blouses.

Capelet Refashion

Project Post-mortem:
  • I might still add a button or some additional ribbon at the neck to keep it closed at the neck
  • Next time I think I'll look for a tweedy sweater or something because Big J thinks it looks like some sort of religious frock.
  • I also might try with a bigger size, maybe a men's raglan sleeve sweater - not sure how to handle the unravelling though.  More sewing?

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