Friday, 30 December 2011

Fashion Cape

Capes are finally accepted fashionable attire.  For a sci-fi/fantasy and historical fiction buff like myself, this is great news.  I don't know how many times I've day-dreamed about striding across the moors in a flowing cape.

A few years ago when shawls were all the rage, I got quite a few.  I still wear them regularly - and people just assume its because of Big J being Spanish.

Now, I'm glad that capes are in style!  I haven't seen any super-affordable ones in the stores yet, but found some quite cute ones surfing the web:

I really like this style, the length is good and it has those useful armholes.  I am not sure of the fabric - it looks like it would catch on things and run:
Fashion Cape

This next one has great fabric - it looks like a sherpa jacket and would be great for winter.  It looks a bit short though, and the sleeves are not very weather-proof being all open to the elements.  It's probably expensive too.
Blake Lively Sherpa Cape

My favourite, is this one which is an authentic traditional cloak and cape with a deep hood.  I imagine it's similar to those in the books I read.  There are 2 kinds, with and without the overcape.  I like it with.  I guess it somes with arm-holes in the cloak underneath.  It looks over-dramatic for everyday use though:
Hooded Cloak

I also found this poncho-y vintage cape: Check out the site
Vintage Cape
Lovely Cape, Skirt & Shoes!
This cape really reminds me of one that my mom has.  It's a Welsh Tapestry cape similar to this one, but the colours are closer to the vintage cape above.
Welsh Tapestry Cape
I wonder if my mom still wears it?  Mom?

On another note, I've updated the look of the blog and have added a translator.  What d'ya think?

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