Thursday, 22 December 2011


For the first Thrifty Thursday post, I thought I'd talk about sourcing items for refashion.  We all know you can raid your own closet or go to your local thrift store to find items, but what are some of the other places you can get the goods?

Hand-me ups, downs and across.
Your friends and family are a fantastic source because:
  • They know what you like or don't like
  • They are not likely to have strange diseases
  • Parents are a great source of retro and vintage items
Victorian Fashion
If several of you refashion, you can hold swap parties and trade with each other.

Store Sales
The department store is an often overlooked source, but can provide a wealth of refashionable material.  My local Sears store has a discount centre which sometimes has "extra 50% off" the already discounted price on their own brands.  Quite often the super large sizes are left on the rack and you can get an item which has been marked down to $4.99 for $2.50. 

Bulletin Board

The Company Bulletin Board
Some workplaces have a bulletin board or webpage where you can post a "wanted" or "for sale" ad.  I've seen people who have lost a lot of weight put their entire closet up for one lump sum.

Liquidation Centres
These are stores which buy up stock from other stores which are closed, have gone bankrupt, or are selling off their previous season's wares.  They usually have a mish-mash of other household goods also, but many have a great clothing section.  I've seen name brand clothes for well below the retail price.

There are lots of places to get your "before" items.  You just have to keep your eyes open.

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