Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Holiday Lights

It's Tuesday Tutorial! I know this is the wrong holiday, but last Hallowe'en, I was looking around for ways to decorate the front door area for the trick or treaters and stumbled on these:

Halloween Jars
When I clicked on the link, I discovered a tutorial for making these: fabulous pumpkin lights .  This would be a great way to avoid having to carve a pumpkin! If you checkout Amanda's Page, there are all sorts of wonderful craft tutorials, but I especially like what she does with glass bottles and jars.

I researched glass painting a little more and it doesn't look overly hard to do, so have added it to my list of want-to-try crafts.  I have a big 2 litre manzanilla olive jar saved:
Big Glass Jar
Our family goes through a ton of olives, so by next Hallowe'en, I should have a big supply.

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