Friday, 16 December 2011

Daily Posts

This blog needs a bit of organization instead of just random posts.  It is quite difficult time-wise to do very many refashions, due to job, family etc.  Other blogs have themed days and I thought that perhaps for this blog it could be:
  • Monday:  Made by me - a refashion, craft or diy item
  • Tuesday: Tutorial - not by me, but ones on the web which I'd like to try one day
  • Wednesday: Weight Loss - There won't be much to report on at first, but maybe it will be about new things I'm trying etc.
  • Thursday: Thrifty Things - no need to explain this.
  • Friday: Fashion Finds.  For example, yesterday's Camilla Jacket post would've been a Friday Fashion Find post.
I'll try to follow the format, so, today is Friday.  Fashion Finds.

Apparently there was a chocolate fashion show in China.
They are opening a "Chocolate Wonderland" and had all sorts of things made out of chocolate.  The dresses don't look like they are entirely made out of chocolate, I don't think they are, but nice nonetheless.   They also had these LV bags:
Chocolate Louis Vuitton Bags

Too nice to eat.  Guess that's why they are under glass!

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    1. LV bags were made just for me.... xoxoxox

      love Mom