Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Refashion Book

Being a super-busy mom who work's full time, there is not much time for the fun things in life like exercise, blogging, social media and of course refashioning.  So, I have a small notebook which I use to jot down refashion/sewing ideas as I think of them.

Then when, or more to the point, if, I have time I'll haul out the book and find something to remake.

Here is my book:

Refashion Notebook
It's small enough (about 3 x 5) to fit into my purse and I use it even when in stores when I see something that I think can be made or re-crafted by me.

Here is an entry for a Ralph Lauren "dress" which is actually like a giant scarf stitched together.  It looked re-creatable, so I took down some notes right away and it's just waiting for the day when I have some time and a big piece of fabric to make it:
I can hardly believe that this cost about $150 !!!

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