Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Box Bottom Bag

One of the things I've always wanted to make is a tote style bag.  I got some tea-towelly size pieces of fabric but didn't want to just fold the fabric in half and add a strap.   After a while I finally found a blog on how to make the bottom of a bag flat (like a box) so away I went to make the bag.  It seemed quite easy

Bag Refashion

 and the bottom really was flat:
Bag Refashion

 But the only thing was it seemed a bit wide and floppy:
Bag Refashion

So I ended up using to cover the sewing machine, just by fluke it fit:
Bag Refashion

Project Post-mortem
  • This was a good learning project but it would've been nice if I'd known more about what size to make the bag.  
  • A thicker and stand-uppish fabric would be better, maybe something quilted?

Since then, I've found this tutorial: Lazy Girl's Tutorial on Box Bottoms which includes some dimensions.  This one is a little bit different because you have to actually cut the fabric.

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