Wednesday, 14 December 2011


A lot of people think scrunchies are leftovers from 80's fashion, but they are great for someone with long hair like me. I don't use them the regular way to hold up a pony tail.  I usually wear my hair up in a bun and sometimes use the scrunchie to hold the bun together. 

My favourite notions store quite often has square bits of fabric for 25 cents.  When cut in half and sewn end to end, they are just the right size to make a scrunchie.  Before I got a sewing machine, I would make scrunchies to satisfy my creative urge.

Here is part of my collection:

Scrunchie Collection
These are the sewn ones.  Over the years I've accumulated lots both sewn and bought.

I especially like it when they match my clothing.  This one was made from the shoulder pads of an 80's blouse:
Scrunchie Refashion

And this one was made from two 25 cent scrunchies sewn together:
Scrunchie Refashion

Here is my actual hair look from today sans scrunchie but with the Rose Embellished Cardigan refashion from the other day!.
Rose Embellished Cardigan Refashion
I just wanted to show the bun. On a side note, doesn't bun just sound so much more common and less chic than chignon?

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