Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Drapey Cardigan

As it's Tuesday, it's feature-a-tutorial-which-I'd-like-to-try day.

I work in a fairly nerdy-geeky computer work environment - lots of men and most people do not regularly wear anything trendy or fashionable to work.  So, even those cardigans that have the drapey front bit are rarely seen. 

I have a giant sweater which used to belong to Big J.  It was his favourite, but it shrunk and is now too short for him.  It is not too short for me, but is too wide  and I've considered just taking it in, or doing another capelet, but then I found this tutorial which I think would be better suited: Elizabeth Abernathy Tutorial

Here is a pic of her before and after:
Sweater Refashion

And here is a pic of my (wrinkly) sweater which is amazingly similar to hers:
Sweater Refashion

I'm a bit leery to start since my refashion skills are not as good.  I'm not sure if the sweater would fall apart as soon as I start cutting.  Will have to research that a little more before starting.  Maybe I can stitch it down first.  The other thing holding me back is that it really is a nice sweater and the first cut is always the hardest.

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