Saturday, 3 December 2011

1st Week - Weight Loss

It's been a week and as it is the weekend, it's time for a weight loss update.  I think it's a bit early to have lost anything so I'll just do a review/recap of the exercise, and what went right or wrong this week.

It started off well with the walk from the dentist and I did the elliptical machine after work but only on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Forty minutes, so a good chance to catch some episodes of Stargate.  I must have a pinched nerve or something because after about 10 or 15 minutes, I lost feeling in my foot!  The wii was a complete write-off, but there is still tomorrow.

The other thing is the healthy eating.  I've been eating more mandarin oranges this week and that's about it.

 Quite tasty, but by week's end, am starting to get that water-bubble reaction from too much citrus.  Breakfast has been peanut butter on toast, but next week I'm switching to oatmeal with cranberries.  To top it off, we had fried chicken today.  I only had one piece though.  Must drink more water too.

Not the most auspicious start, but a start nonetheless.

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