Monday, 27 February 2012

A Visible Doctor's Visit

Today being Visible Monday, but also Visit the Doctor day, I wanted to wear something visible but accessible.  I wore lots of layers: several tanks, a couple of cardigans and a big fluffy scarf. It looked like this:

The skirt is the same one which I got for New Year's - I find the cut is not as straight as I like, but that's small potatoes - it's comfy.

The orangey-red/white tank is a Danskin tank from Walmart (no excuses, it was cheap and I liked the print).  I really like this tank; it's super-comfy because it is fitted but stretchy like most dancewear.

The red cardigan is from Sears from a couple of years ago.  It had been marked down repeatedly till it got to about $6.  I like it for the ruffly detail around the button front.
It's quite hard to match reds and oranges and I've always marvelled at how well these two items go together.

And finally a look at my Spanish army boots:
Don't worry, I changed shoes when I got to work.  I've been wearing these boots sooo much this year, it'll soon be time to get another pair.

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  1. You did match the red and orange with flair, Narda - I really like it! And your boots are great, they are like old friends. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday, and have a great day : >

  2. Thanks Patti! Those boots are sooo old, but they never let me down.