Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chunky Scarf

I was watching Spanish Big Brother (Gran Hermano 12+1) the other day and one of the contestants had a big chunky scarf which she put around her neck for sleeping. It was unusual because it was tighter - like a turtleneck, but the neck part only.

I tried to find a pic either of the actual item or something similar but nothing.  The closest was:
chunky scarf
but it was tighter and was a complete circle - almost like a giant hairband.

My neck always gets cold too and I have to wear a scarf or a high necked top most days.  I wonder if these big chunky scarves can be refashioned from a sweater?

Today's outfit, all different pieces but very similar to yesterday's which was also in shades of blacks and browns.
what i wore
This was lots of layers again.  A long sleeved t-shirt which you can't really see under the floral tank.  The tank feels very old-ladyish - perhaps because both my grandmothers wore florals a lot, but I liked the neutral colours.  Here it is closer up:
floral tank

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  1. Very cute outfit Narda. Your doggies are so cute. I wish i could find a nice chunck scarf like your fist picture. So nice and cozy. I could never sleep with one on though. Sounds uncomfortable.

    1. Couldn't keep the doggies out of the picture this time. So decided to let it be. I completely agree with you - a tight? chunky scarf would be weird to sleep in.