Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Safety Pins

One of the things which I'd like to try is to make a safety pin clothing item. A few years ago, I read a how-to in a crafty-sewing magazine and have been thinking about it ever since.

I've picked out a luxe velveteen shirt and just have to decide on a design. Here are some which I've found on-line.

This is Pelayo Diaz and apparently he created some of his own safety pin t-shirts last year and started a craze.
Pelayo Diaz
image: play.converse.co.uk

I really like this one; it looks like a fun way to add bling to a plain jacket.  And the design is simple.
safety pin collar
image: ecouterre.com

This one is more haute.  From the people standing around in the background, and the skinnyness of the model, it looks like a show or something.

safety pin dress
image: sodahead.com
And finally, one which looks rather difficult - although there is a pictorial on the site
safety pin wings
image:smexy dred on instructables.com
Other decisions are colour: gold or silver?  I am leaning towards silver.  The great thing about this type of refashion is that you can always undo it.

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