Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Dollar ?!?

Today we had a training session at work and to spice it up we had Mancakes. No, nothing racy, they are actually cupcakes for men. Quite tasty, but rather expensive and perhaps due to the not-so-low price and intended demographics we expected slightly bigger cupcakes.  Lots of manly flavours like bacon and buffalo wings though!

So, onto today's post.  Something thrifty:
 The thrifty items in this pic are:
  1. the striped blouse, $3.99
  2. the kimono-sleeved over-layer, it was ~ $1 at a liquidation store
  3. and the bracelet was only $1 too!
Here is a closeup of the bracelet:

I can't believe it was only a dollar! Or do I just not have a good sense of what things should cost?  Even for coloured glass and resin stuck onto machine-stamped metal, I would think it would cost more than a dollar, no?

So the other thing I'm trying today is to add Bloglovin':
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Let's hope it works!

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  1. Can't believe you got that bracelet for a dollar. I never find such good deals. :(

    1. I know right? It must cost more than a dollar just for the materials!