Thursday, 9 February 2012

My New Boots

I envy women who can wear high heels. There are so many great shoes that get bypassed in the stores due to their (for me) extreme heel height.

My highest wearable heel is about 2 inches, and even then only if I won't be on my feet much. So, I lean towards boots, usually Doc Martens and Spanish riding/walking boots.

Here are my newest boots. Bought them down south, so saved a bit on the price. They are knee-high and have a zip down the side for easy off-on.
Doc Martens Kneehigh Boots
These boots aren't for everyone - my kids hate them.  But Big J likes them, they are super comfy and amazingly warm.

I'm glad Agyness Deyn made Docs popular again. Aren't you?

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  1. I love them!! I wore heels (like a fool) for much of my life ie: 14 to 47 - last year I'd had enough and started wearing flats and there is simply no going back! I now have a pair of riding/biker boots that I wear a lot.

    1. I used to wear heels a lot too. It's amazing how much more comfortable, and how much faster you can walk in flats; and nowadays there is a flat shoe for almost any look.

  2. Yes those aren't for everyone but I love them. :)