Monday, 6 February 2012

Pleats Please

So it's Visible Monday again. I am trying that pleat-skirt look that is everywhere right now. It was sunny out so I didn't wear my army boots.

what i wore

The skirt is actually way old, it's a summer weight Esprit from who knows how many years ago. It was still cold though so I wore thick tights and a fuzzy zip-front sweater:

neck area

bebe sweater

The neat thing about this sweater is that the sleeves unzip and you can wear it like a vest:
unzippable sleeves

Here is a closeup of the pleats in the skirt:


It all seemed a bit drab so I added the touches of red, including a hair accessory
hair flower

Unfortunately, I felt very thick due to the cummerbund-style waist and the whole day I thought I should've worn Docs instead.

Meanwhile on the blog front, I'm trying to add pages and have started with a Blog Parties tab.  Hope you like it.

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  1. I love that pleated skirt - I have one in solid red that I wear a lot! I really like the zip-off sweater too, so cozy. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, Narda!

    1. I remember that one! You styled it with that ruffly blouse.

  2. Narda--Actually, the red cumberband was my favorite part of the outfit. At first I thought it was an obi belt! the color of it adds an interesting contrast. I wore pleats on Monday too.

    1. Hi Terri: That was the look I was going for - an obi belt, but it felt like a real obi belt - thick.