Monday, 15 October 2012

Velvet Rose Motif

Do you ever get the urge to wear something but the weather is not quite right and then it sticks in your mind until you actually wear it?  So it was with today's top.  I've been wanting to wear it for a while. 

The picture is not very good - must be our misty weather - but the top is a rose motif on that velvety fabric which I think is back in vogue.  The camera just does not do it justice - it's an interesting top which reflects the light and looks different under different lighting conditions.

Behind me, you see a thrifty re-purpose of an old leather couch.  It was a good buy to begin with - only $300 new.  It used to have arms and a back and was our downstairs family room couch.  We've had it for about 10 years and it was starting to annoy us so now it is reborn as a divan for outside; the dogs like it a lot.  I wonder if the wood can be covered with something or maybe even just painted.  I saved the leather from the back and arms - my hope is to be able to make something with it.

today i wore:
velvet rose motif top ... mecca
black skirt ... kenneth cole
ruffle jacket ... jessica
cable tights ... dollar store
shoes ... from payless

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  1. The rose top looks lovely, and the jacket is really gorgeous! Velvet is such a beautiful fabric, but also quite warm. I wanted to wear my green velvet jacket all summer, but it was too warm. I only managed to wear it once in fall, then it was too cold!

    How is your foot coming along, are you pain free?

    1. We've gone from hot to cold too. It's now all of a sudden coat weather!

      My foot is much better - the podiatrist helped me rig up a cushion for the foot which pushes it forward and it is taking the weight off the broken part.