Thursday, 25 October 2012

Houndstooth and Oxfords

The hvac is back to normal, so I ventured out in a skirt again.  Just to be on the safe side I wore my houndstooth sweater-jacket which is thick and cozy.

Pink Calico - Houndstooth and Oxfords

Terri's Plaidurday post in which she wore her oxfords reminded me of mine so the shoe question was solved.  I was a little hesitant due to the heels, but went for it anyway.  

My doubts were not entirely unfounded - I did a lot of standing in the afternoon. 
It was meet the teachers day at school, so I took half a day off.  It was more organized this year; we didn't have to book appointment times.  The teachers were all seated in alphabetical order at desks around the room and the parents queued up by the ones they wanted to talk to.  It was great because you could look around to see which teachers had a long lineup and go visit with another in the meantime.
Pink Calico - Houndstooth and Oxfords

I'm always impressed with the teachers' passion for their students and the subjects they teach.

As it gets darker and wetter out, I'm looking for indoor places for the photos. Today I'm trying out a "take the photo on the stairs" pic - but am not entirely pleased.  But you can see that at least our home has corners of sunny mediterranean yellow even if it is cold and miserable outside.

today i wore:
turquoise t-shirt ... kenneth cole
houndstooth cardigan ... ?
scarf ... from the mercadillo
tube waist skirt ... jessica
tights ... secret
oxfords ... naturalizer

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  1. You look very smart! I love your houndstooth cardigan - houndstooth is one of my favourite patterns. Even though this is a cardigan, the houndstooth pattern gives it the look of a smart jacket.

    To answer your question I've been dancing flamenco for about seventeen years. I don't do it full time (I have a job) but I do teach regularly and get some performance work sometimes.

    1. Thanks! This is an old cardigan that I re-discovered a while back and have been wearing on and off since.

      It's wonderful that you're dancing - flamenco is really an art and requires such sentiment and passion.

  2. I like the staircase photo! And the blues with the houndstooth are lovely. So, how well did you manage with the heeled oxfords by the end of the day.

    1. Terri - I'm slowly coming to the realization that heels will have to be for short duration events of a couple of hours. It's okay sitting at a desk all day, but if there's any walking or standing for long periods, ... ouch!