Friday, 5 October 2012

Bubbly Top Again

Well, it's been a long week; a few more co-workers have quit and I expect that there will be more resignations in the next few weeks.  But at least the weather is giving us a break.
Pink Calico - Bubbly Taupe

Dressing was a bit of a rush this morning.  I slept through about half an hour of radio talk show so there was only time for a quick shower and jeans.  I contemplated wearing a longer pair, but had a lot of to and fro-ing today so opted for something shorter so I wouldn't have to wear heels.

Pink Calico - Bubbly Taupe

Plus, I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon - the podiatrist.  So, happy day, sort of.  It turns out I have two broken bones in my foot which might be the source of the pain.  We will probably know by next week what remedies I'll have.  So at least I don't have arthritis, diabetes or gout or anything serious like that.

Pink Calico - Bubbly Taupe

Today I wore:
bubbly top ... fancy lady
cardigan ... foglie rosse
scarf ... ???
jeans ... gasoline
boots ... from spain

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  1. Oh no on the broken bones, but yay on no serious illness stuff! Plus, i love your cardigan. The outfit today gets a two thumbs up from me :)

  2. Yikes, two broken bones... :( Would that have been from the fall when you broke your teeth? Hope that something can be done for it...

    You look great even though it was a rush job!

    Lots of love, Mom xoxoxox

  3. That sounds horrible - walking on broken bones, although it's preferable to the other possibilities! I hope something can be done soon!

    You look very put together for a busy morning - the jeans and cardigan create lovely clean lines.

  4. Definitely one of your trendier, edgier outfits Narda. I like.

  5. I like very much your cardigan.I loo forward to reading your posts on loosing weight.