Tuesday, 2 October 2012

DIY Hanging Laundry Bag

Do you just throw your fine washables into the laundry?  I do, but I put them in one of those zippered wash bags first.  It's always a hassle because you either have to dig the stuff out of the basket or set everything aside to add later.

So, hangers to the rescue. Sometime in the past couple of years, I switched from being a regular pants wearer to a skirt wearer.  I'd like to think it's because skirts are more forgiving but have a sneaking suspicion it's really because pants are generally a little bit too long for me and require hemming.

So, when I first started shopping for hangers, I bought "skirt hangers" - the kind with a clip at each end.

Pink Calico - Hanger

But, I find they are not so good at securing the skirt.  If the skirt is heavy, it just unclips.  And in an over-crowded closet, everything gets all tangled up. 

So, I switched to "pant hangers".  They're like a giant clamp; the skirts tend to stay on the hanger, and no more tangling.

Pink Calico - Hanger

But what to do with the extra skirt hangers?  I still use them, but now I set a few aside to make hanging laundry bags for tights and other delicates.  This is the one for dark tights:

Pink Calico - Hanging Laundry Bag

Easy Peesy!

For today's DIY:
1 skirt hanger ... IKEA 99 cents
1 laundry bag ... IKEA 2 for 1.99 ?

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant! I even have the same hangers and laundry bag from IKEA!!!