Thursday, 4 October 2012


It's down to about 8 degrees (43 Fahrenheit or 281 Kelvin) in the mornings now, which means more layers. 

Today's outfit felt very school-marmish - perhaps because of the button up collar and scarf.
Pink Calico - Grey and Burgundy

I've been wanting to wear burgundy for a while, but it just hasn't felt like autumn.  But now that our temperatures are low, I decided to go for it - sunny days or not.

This sweater is from at least 5 years ago, when absolutely no-one wore burgundy.  But I've always liked the colour, so actually have lots of stuff that I can use again, now that it's in vogue.  It actually looks like a purply colour in the pictures, but that's just the camera.

Pink Calico - Grey and Burgundy

I wore it over a shirt which has velcro closures - can anything be sillier?  Great for super-heroes who need a quick costume change, but absolutely useless for women who want their blouses to stay done up throughout the day.

Pink Calico - Grey and Burgundy

Today I wore:
velcro shirt ... zara woman
sweater ... old navy
scarf ... ??
skirt ... kenneth cole
jacket ... jessica
tights ... cK
shoes ... ??

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  1. I love the scarf/tie with this. Oh yes.

    1. Thanks Melanie: I wasn't sure if it even went since the colours are off.