Monday, 22 October 2012

Layers of Blue

It was seriously cold in our office today, so good thing I had tons of layers.  I felt a bit lazy so wore my black cords.

I don't wear pants much anymore - most of my "dress" pants need to be shortened so I can wear them without heels and you can see what the non-dress pants look like above.

I wore 3 layers of clothing over a tank but it wasn't enough. My original thought was to wear this sans scarf like so:

But then in the end thought it would look a bit weird, so ended up adding the scarf.

today i wore:
tanktop ... old navy
mock turtle ... ?
keyhole t-shirt ... segments
zip cardigan ... rino rossi
scarf ... ?
cords ... calvin klein jeans
shoes ... docs
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  1. I like the scarf with this. What is it about offices? They are usually too cold even in the summertime. Very weird.

  2. I really like the light blue with the black, which isn't the most common combination. And you did right to add the scarf too! Is is the air condition that makes the office cold?