Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tube UnFolded

Usually we have motivational speakers or business leaders at our employee meetings; today we had an improv comic.  It was just the thing to cheer us up. He had us in fits of laughter.  Afterwards, we had a socializer - normally I don't attend, but as we are wrapping up business, I decided to give it a try.  Good idea - there were wonderful appies and we all traded job-hunting tips. 

I tried something new with my tube-waist skirt today.  Normally I wear it folded over but today I pulled the tube waist all the way up and did not cover it up. 

Pink Calico - Tube Waist Skirt

I wore it with my ruffly tank over top  and it almost looks like a dress. 

I've been wearing low heels for a while now - being a little hesitant to try a higher heel due to the bone thing. 

Pink Calico - Tube Waist Skirt

So, today it was the Spanish army boots.  They are really great boots for wet weather.  You can step in a puddle and they'll keep your feet dry.  Even the tongue is connected to the boot so there are no actual  openings except at the top.
Pink Calico - Tube Waist Skirt

today i wore:
t-shirt ... ?
ruffly tank ... hamilton
cardigan ... foglie rosse
tube waist skirt ... jessica
cable tights ... dollar store
spanish army boots

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  1. Love your skirt! Inspired me to try make one! Anyways glad that that your workplace bring in the comic, so nice if them :)

    1. Hi Far! Thanks, it's one of my favourite types of skirts - so comfy and (I think) it would be easy to make.

    2. Im trying to make one as we speak! Dont have a.pattern perse, but making it up as i go based on some otr skirt base, andmy exercise pants. Lets hope it will.work!lol

  2. You look great!!!!!!



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