Thursday, 20 September 2012

Snakes and Ruffles

I had no idea what to wear today, but wanted to wear non-black tights since it's been so warm.

Pink Calico: Snakes and Ruffles

In the end I had to resort to panty-hose because the tights were in the wash.  Microfibre has spoiled me, I'm no longer accustomed to the saggy-ness of panty-hose.  I like the sheerness though.

Pink Calico: Leather Bracelet

I've been wanting to wear this bracelet for a while - It's from Big J and is leather strips with silver beads.  It doesn't really go, but sometimes a girl can't wait.

Pink Calico: Snakes and Ruffles

We were all just told in a department meeting that we would be getting our layoff notices on October 1st.  No-one was surprised.  Our department has dwindled from a high of 45 staff down to today's 16 as people find jobs elsewhere.  Others are sticking around for the severance package.  At least we got DQ ice-cream at the department meeting.

Today I wore:
black tuxedo tank ... old navy
black ruffle t-shirt ... joe fresh
snake print skirt ... george
panty-hose ... secret
snake cardigan ... jones ny?
maryjanes ... from spain
leather/silver bracelet ... Big J

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the layoff! Does that include you too? In Denmark we're experiencing increasing unemployment due to the recession - I guess it's global. Have you any ideas or a plan B?

    The snakeskin skirt is so lovely, and the bracelet is fine with it!

    1. Yes, we're all out the door - we just haven't got official notice yet - that'll be next week. We get severance so I'll likely hang on for that. No idea yet though on what to do ...