Monday, 24 September 2012

Emmys on the Front Porch

Here I am on our new front deck which Big J built just last week.  He's quite the handyman.  It still needs some paint on those things on top of the posts, but now we have a place to sit when we want to watch our fishies swimming or the neighbourhood pass by.

Today I wore:
tank top ... old navy
long sleeve t-shirt ... mexx
butterfly dress ... sears
blue cardi ... ?
black tights ... dollar store
mary janes ... spain

There's only one outfit photo of me because ... today's post of course will be about the wonderful gowns at the 2012 Emmys.

There were lots of bright colourful dresses and some of the gowns were less formal than at the Oscars last year.

Although I would never have anywhere to wear such fancy clothing, like everyone else, I do like to pick out my favourites and imagine.

My favourites were probably the printed ones - they looked fresh and new.  Here are the two I liked best:

I really liked this first one and can imagine wearing it - it's fairly modest, feminine and pretty.  The black dress is also cute - I love the ruffly hem.

Here are some other gowns which I love.  These ones are in fabulous colours.

I love the giant wavy peplum thing on Kaley Cuoco's dress, and I think I like the orange gown because it looks great on Ms Lakshmi.

These next few have that filmy Edwardian look which I love.  I especially like the midi-length one which seems to be something I could actually wear.

And now finally these last three just caught my eye - not sure why.

 Which gown is your favourite?

PS: ==> I got all these pictures from E!online and where there was a photographer's credit - I left it in the crop.

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  1. Big J, what a talent! Your new porch must be wonderful. I like your butterfly dress. As for Emmy gowns, I think the baby blue one is my favourite. I don't know who any of these women are.

    1. Hi Melanie: Yes, he is talented with wood anyway - anything that's wooden: deck, fence, workshops etc he built them all.

      haha! I don't know half of the women either - just the ones from the tv shows which we watch.