Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Peasant in St Tropez

So I've decided to check the weather for the next day the night before.  It's all because yesterday was quite cold and so today I wore lots - only to have it turn out relatively warm and sunny.

For some reason, I hauled out this old Carole Little skirt this morning.  I just had the urge to wear something longer.  It is one of those "sets" which comes with a top, but the top looks quite 90's.

The skirt has a bit of khaki in it and my original plan was to wear it with a blazer - I thought it looked okay, but Big J thought blazer and hippy skirt looked strange together.

Pink Calico - Carole Little

It's the St Tropez line and has all the mix of prints elements which are characteristic of Carole Little's earlier stuff. 

The skirt is quite full and I found myself swishing it with my left hand as I walked about the office.  I'm not sure why, but I love going upstairs when wearing a long skirt - something about having to hold the skirt as you ascend reminds me of period movies.

Pink Calico - Carole Little

I also decided to put my hair up again - you can just see the flower ornament which by chance matched the skirt.

Pink Calico - Enzo Angiolini

Finally these cute booties are by Enzo Angiolini.  I love the height, not overly high, but I don't wear them much. I also like the dippy cut at the side - it almost looks like you can fold the tops down.

So anyway back to checking the weather - the whole day I felt rather like a Russian peasant: long skirt, thick tights, I also had a sweater. 
Real Russian peasant girls
source: http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/empire/ethnic.html
I see now that actual Russian peasants are much more colourful, and serious, and wear aprons.

Today I wore:
v-neck t-shirt ... segments
scarf ... ?
skirt ... carole little for st tropez
cable tights ... dollar store
booties ... enzo angiolini
hair ornament ... dollar store

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  1. ...very nice!!! xoxoxox

    1. Thanks! Can't even remember when I wore that skirt last - amazed it even fits ...

  2. I think this outfit is wonderful on you! Suddenly you look much taller! The skirt is beautiful, and the booties are just awesome! I wish I had the feet to wear booties like those! The almost matching scarf is a great detail!

    I hope you don't feel like I'm spamming you with comments!

    1. Yes, those booties - high of heel and narrow of toe ... but cute. I too was amazed how the scarf matched so well.

      No, you are not spamming! I love comments! It means someone is reading and has taken the time to reach out ... I am quite often a lurker myself.