Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ruffle, Lace and Stripes

Ugh.  We went to Costco after work to pick up milk - the chocolate milk is almost $2 less than at our local super-market.  To avoid a huge bill we have recently been buying only if something is a staple or on sale.  So today we got cereal and chicken, both on sale. 

Pink Calico - Striped Tights

The ugh part is that there were all sorts of food demos - I tried deli cuts on bread, havarti cheese, barbecue sauce on a chunk of hot dog, kettle corn, bear paw cookies etc etc.  By the time we were done I was sampled out, and in no mood for dinner.

Why don't they ever have sliced watermelon, or blueberries to sample?

Pink Calico - Striped Tights, Lace Top

Today's outfit is my New Year's skirt with a multi-fabric lace top, my witchy tights and a ruffle jacket.  I am not sure about the tights - a solid colour would've probably been better.

The scarf was a gwp - one year I was buying a long coat and my mom took me to a little store downtown.  They had exactly the coat I was looking for (I still wear it to this day) and when we bought it, my mom asked if there was a gift with purchase and lo and behold I was allowed to pick out a scarf!

Pink Calico - Striped Tights

Today I wore:
tuxedo tank ... old navy
lace top ... merona
skirt ... della spiga
tights ... CK?
shoes ... privo?
jacket ... tradition
scarf ... ? gift with purchase

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  1. You come up with such great black and grey outfits! The jacket is lovely with the ruffle, and the the pattern on the skirt is very nice against the lace top. I love the striped tights!

    It's so true about the sample foods! It would be great to try some foreign exotic fruit or vegetable, but that's never happening!

  2. was not notified about this one... don´t know why...


  3. Hi Narda, I am loving those fun tights!

    1. Thanks Lorena! and Thanks for dropping by.