Saturday, 29 September 2012

All this for $50 !

Yes, that's right.  Today's outfit cost $50. Retail.

Most weekends, I'll wear jeans, a top and a scarf; but, this weekend, a bunch of us were going for a surprise birthday lunch for a co-worker who has been off work due to illness.  So needless to say, I didn't want to look like a slob.  It being Saturday, I still wore jeans of course.

Pink Calico - Taupes

We went to Kingsway Sushi which is part of the Top Gun restaurant group.  As expected for a large group and all-you-can-eat, many of the tasty items which we ordered never arrived.  I think what may have happened is that since we had 2 tables, the food went to the other table.  I distinctly heard people at the other table say "What is this? ..."

Pink Calico - Taupes
My new invisible step stool ...

But, conversation was flowing and we had a good mix of family and friends at our table.  There was lots of yummy stuff which I had never tried before like teriyaki chicken roll, something crunchy and yummy inside sushi rice and wrapped with salmon, oyster motoyaki (oyster baked in a sinfully delicious, very rich egglike sauce), and all sorts of cooked and uncooked foods.

We topped it all off with mango pudding and birthday cake.  These photos were taken after, thus the stuffed look.

Pink Calico - Taupes

So back to my outfit of $50.  It's true, retail prices, everything bought on sale.

Today, I wore:

shortie jacket ... jessica ... $8 at sears
necktie ... ? ... $1 at dollar store
collared tee ... ? ... $3 at a liquidators
ruffle tanks ... hamilton ... $9 at winners
jeans ... kenneth cole ... $14 at costco
shoes ... reflexan laufkomfort ... $14 at army & navy

Here's a closeup of the shoes:

Pink Calico - Reflexan Shoes

I really like the colour - goes great with jeans.  And they are a clog, slip-on style which I love for pants.

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  1. The colors combined in this look are wonderful. Sounds like you had a good time. I've never learned the names of most sushi things.

    1. Hi Terri, Yes: had a good time with everyone and it was nice to see our co-worker again. We weren't sure of what everything was called either and some of us ended up asking for "fish on rice".

  2. hmmm, even though this was after stuffing yourself, you still look trim... :)

    must be doing something right!!!

    love Mom xoxoxox

    1. Not sure if I'm still losing weight what with the moon cakes and all ... Could be just the jeans?

  3. All the layers in this outfit are so great together with the jeans - and the leather of your shoes looks so beautiful, and expensive!

    Sushi is my favorite food - I could eat it for breakfast!

    Sorry to hear that there's still quite a few visits to the dentist ahead of you. I imagine that sushi is a great choice of food in this case?

    1. I think I bought the shoes just for the leather, although I always find the slip-on style so comfy.

      Yes, sushi is one of the few foods I can still eat because it can all go into one side and you don't have to pull at it.