Friday, 17 August 2012

Vet Visit

We took the doggies to the vet today for their shots; they were all excited because they thought it was walk-time - until we got into the car.  Good thing today's outfit was relatively dog-proof except for the nylons.

I've been using my bright yellow purse that I got back in May so today's outfit grew from that. 
Pink Calico - Green Cardigan
Wilting in the Heat ...
I picked the skirt first because it had bits of yellow, then the dark t-shirt.  It looked a bit weird even with a belt so I threw on a short-sleeved greenish yellow cardigan overtop. 
Pink Calico - Green Cardigan

I'm not sure what I don't like about this outfit, maybe the combination of darks and lights?  Co-workers liked it though, so maybe I know nothing.

Today I wore:
dark green t-shirt ... Joe Fresh
greenish-yellow s/s cardigan ... no labels
green floral flounce skirt ... Jennifer Moore
scarf ... ???
shoes ... prive

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  1. I think lights and darks look good together. I read somewhere that when people compliment us on certain outfits we should listen. I means I really does look good.

    1. It still felt uncomfortable though, maybe it was the colours ...

  2. This looks like the perfect "transition from late summer to early fall-ish outfit! I agree with Style Agent 909...if others complimented you, you've done it right. On the otherhand, if you're not comfortable, you can always rethink it. That's the fun of creative dressing!

    1. Hi Susan, You are right ... next time I'm going to try a different sweater.