Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spanish Inspiration

Today's outfit has Spanish elements.  My mom sent me a couple of fabulous scarves from Spain so it inspired me to style up something Spain like.

Pink Calico: Spanish Inspiration

I'm not overly pleased with the outfit.  It has all the elements - there are ruffles, polka-dots, floppy sleeves - I even wore a flower on the back of my head.  But it felt weird when I first put it on, and now that I see the pics, it looks weird too. 

The ruffled skirt is a soft cottony one that I got for $5 from the defunct True Value Vintage.  The label says:

a 1 of a kind article by 
zachary's smile
new york city

which when I google it, seems to be a vintage store in NYC. 

But, the main reason I tried this look was the scarf.  It's from Tentazioni of Barcelona.   It's a perfect width and length and has a very Spanish, polka-dotty print.  It's also a nice light weight, very versatile and a great addition to my wardrobe.  I can't wait to try it with other stuff.

Pink Calico: Tentazioni Scarf

Here is another look at my attempt at Spanish-ifying my look.

Pink Calico: Spanish Inspiration

I am so glad I listened to Big J and had a jacket on in the office for most of the day!

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